Murfreesboro Lions Club
Serving Murfreesboro since 1933

A Brief History of Lionism

Back in 1917,
a Chicago insurance man
saw a need and an opportunity.
Melvin Jones was then a part of the
Business Circle of Chicago, a group founded
for the purpose of business and social networking.
Jones proposed a plan to give the club an additional and
more profound goal: to serve their community as a whole. Jones
proposed that the Business Circle ally itself with other groups to form
a national club. Among the groups invited was the Association of Lions Clubs.
The Circle and several other clubs agreed to rally under the Lions name.
Representatives from nine states and 22 clubs met in Dallas, and the
roots of the modern day Lions Club formed. The Lions Club ethics
and objectives have changed little from Jonesí early vision.
Lions are encouraged to serve their community, to put
service ahead of profit, and to personally uphold
the highest standards of ethical conduct within
their professions. To say the club grew would
be an understatement. Currently some 1.4
million men and women from 189 countries
proudly wear the Lions lapel pin as
they serve their communities.
About The Murfreesboro Club

Lions Club is one
of more than 260 clubs
in Tennessee. The state is
known as Multiple District 12,
which is further divided into five
districts. The Murfreesboro Club is in
District 12-S. Club meetings are the second
and fourth Monday of each month at the Lions
Clubhouse at 6:30 pm. The clubhouse is located
at 407 Hickerson Drive (in Cannonsburgh).

The clubhouse phone number is 893-CLUB.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 133
Murfreesboro, TN 37133-0133

Clubhouse Rental
615-893-2582, Mail Box 3
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